A couple if miscellaneous updates while I’m in between a couple of projects.


I started working up an Ansible playbook for installing my RSS reader. I got stalled as I filled the root partition in my Eucalyptus vm. So either recreate the image or get the playbook to install the supporting software on the ephemeral partition. I’m going to try recreating the image, as I think it should keep the playbook more applicable in different situations.

RSS Reader bug

A security update came across for PostgreSQL a few weeks back. After the upgrade I noticed the RSS reader wasn’t handling the disconnects as well as it should. Adding to the todo.


We finally got through The Five Dysfunctions of a Team at work. So obvious, so meaningful. Definitely helpful in reminding us teams are more than a collection of people. The follow up book, Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team wasn’t worth it for me at this juncture. It’s funny, some people were really annoyed by the fable format. I loved the casual nuances that it brought to the subject at hand.

I’m most of the way through Scaling up excellence. In pursuit of a sparing partner for this one, as the team isn’t ready yet. It’s good material, but for some reason, it wasn’t sitting right with me. As it’s wrapping up I think I’m warming up to it more.

More on both later.

The Future

  • My commentary on the whole CentOS + Red Hat deal (Yes, I know I’m late!).
  • I got pulled into another project that I’m using my Eucalyptus cluster for. Google’s Wikipedia links an easy dataset to get started with. It turns out that the Eucalyptus disk subsytem is slower than I thought. I’ll need to do a benchmark on it. More on this later.